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Singapore commodity exchange
SINGAPORE COMMODITY EXCHANGE - commodity exchange, established in 1992 in Singapore, attracts speculators in futures contracts in rubber, gold and coffee. Singapore Mercantile exchange (Singapore Commodity Exchange - SICOM) is…

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The Most unusual places Japan!
Japan is an amazing country, it easily combines commitment to traditions and the desire to comprehend something new, unspoilt villages coexist with huge cities, every house which is equipped with…

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Sexual traditions of the peoples
The modern woman is not afraid to admit their preferences in bed. She can safely initiate a date with a man, to tell him how and what to do to…

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The Tea market in Ukraine

Tea occupies a worthy place in the life of every Ukrainian, being one of the most affordable and mass produce. However, the status of the most popular tea product received in Soviet times.

Going back to history, it is worth noting that in the pre-revolutionary period in Russia and Ukraine often used coffee: consumption of coffee was at the level of global indicators. However, the Soviet regime has blocked the development of the tradition of drinking coffee, the coffee became tea, soon received the title of national drink.

In our time, Ukrainian consumers experienced a wave of market offers drinks, however, tea continues to be a leader, allowing themselves to change the name, taste and even the format of consumption.

The main characteristics of the tea market in Ukraine

♦ Long-standing tradition of consumption. Tea remains the cheapest and most popular beverage of choice for Ukrainians. About 84% of the population drink tea more than once a day, and in recent years, experts note an increase in the frequency of tea parties.

♦ the Stability of consumption. For the year Ukrainian consumes an average of 500–600 grams of tea leaves. The annual capacity of the domestic Continue reading

JAPAN. The art of Japan

Medieval art in Japan has developed over more than a thousand years, since the 6th century Among historians there is no consensus yet about whether or not the peoples of Japan slaveholding stage of social development. However, no matter how they decided this important question of history remains unquestionable that in dietary period, Japan did not possess such a highly developed art and architecture which were created in the slavery era, for example in China. Like many other peoples who came to feudalism, bypassing or almost bypassing the slaveholding stage of development, the Japanese in the early period of the middle ages had no art, who had developed professional skill, and their artwork was based mainly on the traditions of folklore character, the situation in terms the tribal organization of society.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Japanese early feudal state in the construction of the first major religious and secular buildings had to apply to the experience of neighbouring countries — China and Korea, with whom Japan in this period brought together not only the unity in b V. adopted a new religion — Buddhism, but the common and developed forms of feudalism. As in China, because of the nature of sootnoshenie productive forces and relations of production land in Japan in the period of early feudalism was declared property of the state, and only after Continue reading

Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattooing – traditions and modernity

Irezumi horimono or the Japanese tradition of tattooing and enjoys great popularity worldwide not only because of the grace, quirkiness of patterns and color stories. This is a kind of life philosophy, go far beyond the mere aesthetic enjoyment of large-scale composition.

The history and tradition of the Japanese tattoo

Until the seventeenth century such a tattoo could afford only very wealthy people. In this case, irezumi signified authority and power. Horimono then began to denounce the criminals, and they became the images, mainly inherent to the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, and were even prohibited by law. Then this attitude has changed somewhat, although in Japan irezumi still considered Taby and not exposed to public view. In modern meaning, it is a separate type of art, sometimes in mind have and just tattoos in Japanese style.

Tattoo artist in Japan – the artist, who previously worked on the creation of prints. To become a master, have taken years and a lot of preparation, acquired knowledge about the classic basics of drawing and methods of mixing ink. The difficulty of learning was not the mastery of the image, and the understanding Continue reading

Tours to South Korea from the tour operator Voyage De Luxe

Business exhibition in South Korea

I pick up a tour for myself, I represent a travel Agency to Send

South Korea — South Korea occupies the Korean Peninsula is located between China and Japan. With the same as in Ukraine the population of South Korea is 6 times smaller in area, but there is not on earth a single person who has not heard about this country and admired its “economic miracle”. One example suffices: in forty years the gross national product per capita has increased by 2005 to 200 times!

The flow of tourists into the country is increasing, and the distribution of international passenger traffic at six airports across the country following. Five airports in the cities of Gimhae . Cheongju . Daegu . The Yangyang and Jeju operate exclusively in Asian countries. And only international airport in Incheon, receives flights from all continents of the world. This airport is located not far from the capital of South Korea — Seoul. In the capital there are two terminal where you can pass the check-in and passport control, then a bus to get to the international airport in Incheon.

In Korea, tourists are offered the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical attractions of the country and the achievements of the last decades that define the face of the modern advanced country. In Seoul: banpo bridge in, which is the longest Continue reading

South Asia, South Asian Countries

South Asia

South Asia is one of the regions of Asia . which includes the Indian subcontinent (with the on the Deccan plateau), the Indo-Gangetic plain along with the Himalayas and the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and several small Islands.

The States of the region possess a unique and varied landscape: the old peneplain and speed of the lava plateau, with large lowland and the world’s highest mountains and highlands, rain forest and desert, captive wet forests of the Delta of the rivers and the immense space of arable land, attracted to the region Asia, many tourists and lovers of wildlife.

The main features of the relief in South Asia are high undulating plains with a height of over 500 m, riddled with green valleys and volcanic plateau, forming a powerful the Deccan plateau which formed the ancient crystalline rocks with ages of 300 to 500 million years.

In the Northern part of the region is a vast, flat Indo-Gangetic plain, which is the alluvial strip in width from 240 km (in the East) to 500 km (in the West). North of the Indo-Gangetic lowlands stretches the highest mountain system in the world — The Himalayas, the length of 2500 km and a width of — from 150 to 400 km Within the borders of South Asia there are 12 peaks exceeding 8000 meters, including the highest point of the world – Chomolungma (mount Everest, 8,848 m). Snow cover and glaciers year-round cover of the Himalayas. Continue reading

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South Korea
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